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ABOUT Stephanie

Stephanie is a community-based rehabilitation specialist who works with kids to develop coping skills and life skills. 

Stephanie is a mother of four who chose to work at Priestley Mental Health to help children and youth in our community and to continue her learning. She loves chocolate ice creams--specifically Extreme Moose Tracks!--and her favorite drink from House of Pop is diet Mountain Dew with pomegranate, grapefruit, and fresh lime. When Stephanie has a quiet moment, she enjoys watching Friends or romantic comedies. She's not the best at making time for hobbies, but when she does, she enjoys baking cookies, drawing, biking, and trying new things!

  • Bachelor of Science, Child Development

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation (in progress)

  • Crisis Response & Intervention


Stephanie is a child development professional who is currently completing a 30-month clinical residency in psychiatric rehabilitation. She is certified in crisis intervention. Stephanie is a mother of four, which is arguably more preparation for this type of work than school ever could be. 

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