Lena is a community-based rehabilitation specialist (CBRS) who spends most of her time working with kids and teenagers in the school. She is currently the assistant manager of our office's school CBRS program.


Lena really enjoys having good conversations and is good at listening to others. Her hobbies include spending time with her family and friends, reading, and going on drives. Lena is a former competitive ballroom dancer and would love to dance more if she got the chance. She's recently developed a love for organization as well as paint by numbers. 


Lena graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a bachelor's degree in Marriage & Family Studies, professional clinical emphasis, where she specialized in family education and completed an internship as a life coach. She is proficient in coaching models and theories and will be completing certification as a life coach. As a student, Lena completed an in-depth family practicum and created a workshop focused on teaching healthy parenting styles. She volunteered for Family Fortitude for a year, where she was responsible for community outreach efforts and participated in festivals focused on strengthening family and individuals. Lena has worked in our school CBRS program for 2 years and has experience working with young children and teenagers.

  • Bachelor of Science, Marriage & Family Studies

    • emphasis: professional clinical​

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation

  • Board-Certified Life Coach (in progress)

  • Crisis Response & Intervention

She completed a 30-month clinical residency in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and is in the process of becoming a board-certified life coach.