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Koltn is the director of programs at Priestley Mental Health. Koltn spends most of his day as an behavioral health interventionist for Preston School District. As a mental health provider, Koltn follows a person-centered ideology and is committed to providing people with individualized support and services. He believes recovery and growth are most likely to happen when authentic therapeutic rapport is formed; he loves getting to know clients better and meeting people exactly where they are right now emotionally and mentally. 

Outside of the office, Koltn is a professional editor and writer. His hobbies include talking, creative writing, martial arts, researching creativity as a cognitive process, and trying to convince English teachers that the book is not always better than the movie--that's book-lover propaganda. When he's not reviewing state level-of-care guidelines, Koltn is writing, drawing, talking about children's literature, soapboxing about Ernest Hemingway's continuing contributions to the American literary tradition, or trying to convince the CBRS specialists to go get matching tattoos with him. 


Koltn's background is in education and youth mental health services. As an English teacher, he has taught every grade level from kindergarten through freshman college and completed a teaching internship in Shandong Province, China. He has a background in clinical behaviorism and trained for a year in developmental disabilities. Koltn studied psychology and English as an undergraduate and applies principles of narrative psychology and creative writing to his mental health interventions. For his master's degree, Koltn conducted research on bibliotherapy (book therapy) and narrative psychology (stories) in learner-centered curriculum & instruction environments. Koltn's research focus is on applying psychiatric rehabilitation and psychosocial development theory to curricula, mental health programs, and creative writing workshops.

Koltn has worked as a behavioral health interventionist and CBRS worker for over 5 years; he is the former CBRS program manager at Priestley Mental Health. Koltn completed a 30-month clinical residency in psychiatric rehabilitation and is a certified Child & Family Resiliency Practitioner (CFRP). He has trained specifically in disruptive behavior disorders, anxiety, teen and adolescent psychology, and LGBTQ+ support. He is a certified self-defense and martial arts instructor.


Koltn is a member of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA).

  • Master of Science, Curriculum & Instruction​

    • Focus: Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Narrative Psychology

  • Bachelor of Arts, English & Creative Writing

  • Associate of Arts, Psychology

  • Child & Family Resiliency Practitioner (CFRP)

  • Targeted Care Coordinator (in progress)

  • Trauma-Informed Crisis Response & Intervention

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