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Heidi is a social worker and peer and family support specialist. She is Priestley Mental Health's current target care coordinator. Heidi is a passionate dairy farmer and has milked cows for over 20 years.


Heidi is a licensed social worker who holds certifications in family support, peer support, and targeted care coordination. Heidi has a background in special needs and direct-care developmental therapy. She has also offered her services at the North Idaho Children's Home, where she monitored and treated youth with mental and behavioral challenges, and she has worked with Washington State Community Corrections with the probation and parole population. Prior to working for Priestley Mental Health, Heidi worked as a community-based rehabilitation specialist (CBRS) and family and peer support specialist. 

As a multi-licensed mental health professional, Heidi is continually completing relevant continuing education courses to maintain content-area certifications.

  • Bachelor of Science, Social Work

  • Bachelor of Science, Justice Studies

  • Licensed Bachelor's-level Social Worker (LSW)

  • Certified Family Support Partner (CFSP)

  • Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS)

  • Targeted Care Coordinator (TCC)

  • Crisis Response & Intervention

  • Mental Health First Aid & Youth Mental Health First Aid

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