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  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology

    • minor, Sociology

Brian is a community-based rehabilitation specialist with over 20 years experience in human services. He is a current youth and family crisis counselor for Logan Utah's Juvenile Justice Services, where he has worked with at-risk youth in a 45-day observation and assessment program, counseled for the Box Elder County Diversion Program, and been a lead counselor at the shelter and at a youth center. Brian is a member of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and has provided psychosocial and community-based rehab services since 2006. Brian is experienced with mental health assessments, treatment planning, juvenile law and criminal codes, and state policies and procedures. As a crisis counselor, Brian is used to collaborating with other mental health professionals as well as law enforcement

agencies such as probation, police, juvenile court, and even the FBI. Prior to his career in mental health,

Brian worked as an educator and youth mentor. He also provides case management.

  • Child Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner

  • Crisis Response & Intervention

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