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ABOUT Allison

Allison is a CBRS worker who provides behavioral support services and psychiatric-based skills building to individual students at Preston School District. 

For her work in child and adolescent skills building, Allison was awarded Priestley Mental Health's 2023 Intervention Excellence Award. 


Allison is a human services and child mental health support professional. Prior to starting her clinical residency (psychiatric rehabilitation) at Priestley Mental Health, she worked as a disability support worker. Allison brings international perspective to the helping profession and has performed extensive community outreach and volunteered in human services in both Peru and the Virgin Islands (where she built homes and helped with hurricane clean up). Allison holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology.

  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology

  • Associate of Science, Psychology

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation (in progress)

  • Trauma-Informed Crisis Response & Intervention

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