Katie is a community-based rehabilitation specialist (CBRS) who works primarily in the school system. She is also a clothing designer and chef, as well as a teacher for Preston School District. Katie is passionate about treating children and teens with respect and has developed a reputation at Priestley Mental Health for being able to form authentic healing relationships with the kids she works with. When she is not working as a rehabilitation specialist, Katie is teaching kindergarten at Pioneer Elementary School. 

Katie has worked in our school CBRS program for two years and has been formally recognized for her excellence in providing youth behavioral health services.


Bachelor of Science, University Studies

Associate of Applied Science, Culinary Arts

Psychiatric Rehabilitation (in progress)

Teaching License


Katie is a children's psychiatric rehabilitation professional with a background in teaching and elementary education. Prior to working for Priestley Mental Health, Katie worked as a much-requested substitute teacher for Preston School District, where she currently works as a kindergarten teacher. Katie received a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho and studied family life & child development as part of her science degree. She also has a culinary degree and is a chef. 

For her excellence in mental health services and specialization in disruptive behavior disorders, Katie was awarded Priestley Mental Health's 2020 Intervention Excellence Award. She is currently completing her 30-month clinical residency requirement to certify as a Child and Family Resiliency Practitioner (CFRP).