Joy is the office assistant at Priestley Mental Health. Joy is a cheerful and compassionate healthcare professional who is in charge of our clinic's front desk. 

Joy's hobbies include fishing, swimming, sewing, designing, cooking, and writing. She loves flowers, animals, and nature, and couldn't live without music in her life. She loves spending any free time she has with her family playing games, singing, reading, or using Play-Doh to create masterpieces. 

Joy has been with Priestley Mental Health since April 2018. 

  • Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS)

  • Crisis Response & Intervention

Joy is a motivated receptionist with experience managing small and large tasks with a smile. She has a background in customer service and as a store manager and has refined her interpersonal and organizational skills while working as a retail decorator, bookkeeper, produce assistant, and floral-department manager. Joy received an education from Modesto Jr. College, where she studied psychology and American Sign Language, and LDS Business College. She is certified in non-violent crisis response by the Crisis Prevention Institute. 

Modesto Jr. College & LDS Business College