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About Danielle

Danielle is a CBRS worker in the community and school and the current manager of Priestley Mental Health's Respite Care program.


Danielle has provided rehabilitation and recovery services at Priestley Mental Health since Spring of 2020 and is currently completing her clinical residency in psychiatric rehabilitation. She has been the manager of our Respite Care program since August 2020. Prior to working for Priestley's, Danielle worked for four years as a rehabilitative aide, where she provided in-home care to individuals with a variety of developmental delays, and she served as a lead caregiver over multiple homes. Danielle received her undergraduate education from Idaho State University, where she studied psychology (including coursework in child development, behavioral neuroscience, clinical psychology, applied behavior analysis, and a senior seminar on psychology research) and creative writing. 

Danielle 1.jpg

Psychiatric Rehabilitation (in progress)

De-escalation Certification  (The Mandt System)

Crisis Response & Intervention

Bachelor of Science, Psychology

(minor, Creative Writing)

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