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Bryce Hill is a community-based rehabilitation specialist (CBRS) who works with children and teens in the community and school classroom. He is currently working toward his master's degree to become a counselor. 

  • Master of Social Work (in progress)

  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology

    • minor, Statistics

  • Licensed Master Social Worker (in progress)

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation (in progress)

  • Crisis Intervention & Response

Bryce photo.jpg

Bryce is a graduate student studying clinical social work and counseling at Idaho State University. He is currently completing a 2,000-hour clinical residency in psychiatric rehabilitation to become a Child & Family Resiliency Practitioner (CFRP). Bryce has experience working with children and adolescents in the clinic, community, and school classroom and is certified in non-violent crisis intervention by the Crisis Prevention Institute. Bryce completed his undergraduate education at Brigham Young University-Idaho, where he conducted psychology experiments on rat behavior and was a teaching assistant for a social science statistics class.